Venice: South Lagoon

Chioggia, Pellestrina, San Piero in Volta, Alberoni, Malamocco
A fascinating traveling experience made of charming lights, colors, silence, the atmosphere in the true places of the Lagoon of Venice will give you an unforgettable memory: the idea of being completely outside the modern chaotic world.
The visit can be done by public boats leaving from Fusina and arriving in Malamocco-Alberoni.
In Alberoni you can rent a bike and, travel along the quiet roads near the Lagoon, you can discover the ancient Murazzi facing the sea. You can also use the public buses or boats linking the Isle of Lido with the Isle of Pellestrina till Chioggia.

Chioggia: it’s also called the little Venice because it is, like Venice, linked to the mainland by a bridge. Chioggia is the arriving place of a journey among the small isles which separate the Lagoon of Venice from the sea. Strolling along its historical center you can reach the famous Vigo bridge in front of the Lagoon; from there the boats start towards the isle of Pellestrina.

Pellestrina and San Piero in Volta: catch the ferry boat from Chioggia and arrive in Pellestrina.
Pellestrina: in reality, the isle is a very narrow strip of land, protected by the “murazzi” and it separates the Lagoon from the sea. The side towards Chioggia which enlarges itself a little more houses the natural reserve…… and the wood of Ca’ Roman..
The “murazzi” which are the dikes protecting Venice and its lagoon from the sea-storms, was built in 1744 by using big blocks of stones from Istria; they are 20 Km long and about 4 and a half high. They can be considered the last work left us by the Repubblica of Saint Marc. Pellestrina is an isle mostly inhabited by fishermen who, together with their fishing boats, give the isle a very picturesque atmosphere. You can also find 2 o 3 excellent restaurants facing the Lagoon. The Isle of Pellestrina is the southern continuation of The Isle of Lido of Venice. It is as long as the Lido (10 km) but it is narrower than it. The quiet atmosphere, the changing lights, the silence create all together the charm of this isle.

The Isle of Lido: Alberoni, Malamocco, Lido
From Pellestrina, S. Piero in Volta, catch the boat for the Isle of Di Lido-Alberoni.
In the first part of the isle of Lido, in the zone of Alberoni, there is one of the last areas with natural dunes of the high Adriatic, nowadays it is WWF oasis. Alberoni is a small area with just a few houses and it seems as if it stopped at the years 50. Its very large and free beach houses beach facilities of those years where you can rent a sun umbrella and deck-chair. It’s surely the ideal place if you want a relaxing stay, clear water and far from chaos.
Malamocco: this nice and picturesque place with its small roads, canals, little squares, low houses is a small but true reproduction of Venice. In Malamocco you can imagine how it was the Isle of Lido 100 years ago.
In front of the Lagoon you can enjoy the sight of the isles of the Lagoon and of Venice itself; don’t miss the pleasure of admiring the sunset in Malamocco!