The Park

Our park: stretching for about two and a half acres (10.000 square meters) southern to the Villa, you can appreciate three different areas: the garden itself in front of the main building and the dependence, the orchard and the vegetable garden bordering on the countryside.

The garden is characterized by over 250-years-old secular trees and crossed by a long path where you can find some ancient marble wells and water polls for the birds.

The orchard (“brolo”) is made of over 30 fruit-trees of different fruit varieties and two rows of vines so our guests can always pick up some fruit straight from the trees.

The vegetable-garden
 is enclosed by an old boundary wall and a rose bush; here the atmosphere of a Benedictine monastery is really pleasant and relaxing.
A Belvedere terrace (panoramic view), built in the southern part of the ancient wall, allows you to contemplate and admire the surrounding countryside in a state of complete silence and relax.

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