Historical Towns

Padova: about 30 minutes by car or public bus

Many wonders in Padova. We recommend: the 13th-century Cappella degli Scrovegni with pictures by Giotto, the Palazzo della Ragione and the near P.zza delle Erbe, the neoclassic Caffè Pedrocchi, the Duomo and the BattisteroPrato della Valle (one of the largest squares in Europe), l’orto Botanico the oldest in Europe, the Basilica del Santo and the il Bò, headquarter of  Padua University. In Padova there are many exhibitions all year long. You find also many art galleries and shopping opportunities. Padova, like the other places of Veneto region, offers a very well known local traditional gastronomy.

Treviso: about 40 minutes  by car

The walled medieval town, perfectly restored and kept, ran along by clear waters. It is culturally very busy being the headquarter of many international exhibitions. Don’t miss a stroll in its center, among the old “osterie” with delicious specialties and the traditional “cicchetti”, shops and wonderful places. Discover all the delightful foreshortenings walking under the arcades up to the center in P.zza dei Signori. It will be a pleasant discovery.

Vicenza: about 40 minutes by car

Palladio’s town. The small historical center, a jewel of architecture tells us about the art of our Architect universally recognized as one of the supreme masters. We recommend, in the historical center, the Palladian Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo Iseppo Porto e Palazzo Chiericatti, and the wonderful Teatro Olimpico with the wooden scene-paintings by  Scamozzi. Nearby Vicenza you will discover other Ville Venete which are Unesco property, among them, we suggest Villa Capra detta la Rotonda, recognized as Palladio’s masterpiece, and the nearby  Villa valmarana ai Nani with Tiepolo’s  wonderful pictures. Vicenza offers a well-known gastronomy: the Baccalà is the main specialty but you will also taste other excellent products of the peasant tradition like the sopressa dop of Vicenza.

Verona: about 60 minutes by car

The town of Arena and Lirica, but not only. Don’t miss a visit to Castelvecchio with the restoration by the great architect Carlo Scarpa,  Giulietta and Romeo ‘s house, and many palaces built in the past centuries  Worth seeing Giardino Giusti where art and nature are supremely mixed and destination of many poets and musicians from all over Europe. Verona is also famous for its wines produced in the nearby hills; the well-known Amarone, the Valpolicella, the Soave, and the sweet Recioto. You will find also a secular traditional gastronomy.

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