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The Hotel Villa Alberti, XVIII°- century Venetian Villa, is located on the Riviera del Brenta, a few kilometres far from Venice and Padua.


The Hotel Villa Alberti is not only a charming period residence accommodating travellers looking for traces of patrician past or the businessmen  who need peace and quietness but, above all, it is a splendid example of the great Veneto’s architecural tradition. The Hotel Villa Alberti's park it's a wonderfull romantic environment in which guests are free to stroll and relax in the sunshine enjoying the silence of the countryside


You will enjoy a warm welcome and feel like being at home.Our family will be happy to suggest you the most interesting and fascinating itineraries. Our guests enjoy the feeling of staying at their own home thanks to a friendly and familiar welcome in a warm and simple atmosphere.




The Brenta River

 Connection to Venice



 The area is characterised by the historical Naviglio Brenta,  which once served as important commercial waterwaybetween Venice and Padua.

From  the 15th century onwards, members of the Venetian aristocracy built a whole string of sumptuous villas here, residences which today are part of the historic and artistic heritage of Veneto.

A unique context where, still nowadays, is appreciable the balance between architecture and lansacape.



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We are members of the association 

Un Fiume di Ville to protect our land





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